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„Rad:Dialog“ (Bike Dialogue): What Brings You On The Bike?

Salzburg Research was respresented with two research projects at this year’s Bike Dialogue and was looking for motivational factors for more sustainable wheel mobility. more

Digibus® Demo Day at the ÖAMTC Driving Technology Center Teesdorf

On November 13, 2019, the 1st Digibus® Demoday, an information and networking event for a trade audience, took place at the ÖAMTC Driving Technology Center Teesdorf. In addition to Digibus® demo rides, newly developed and proven technologies for passenger communication, V2X communication and high-precision positioning on site could be tried out and experienced.


The following demos were presented on site by Digibus® project partners:

  • V2X Communication

    Project partner Kapsch TrafficCom AG presented a V2X communication for networked vehicles based on ITS-G5: V2X enables the Digibus® to communicate with its environment. So sends e.g. a V2X roadside unit, which was integrated into a traffic light system, the traffic light phase to the V2X onboard unit in the Digibus®. Thus, the Digibus® knows whether it is red (bus stops) or green (bus can drive). In addition, a defective vehicle was simulated as an obstacle. The vehicle was also equipped with a V2X onboard unit and was able to warm the approaching bus about the breakdown. Likewise, road conditions can be registered in the system. These are all important prerequisites for a successful orientation in mixed traffic, if the Digibus® should one day be completely diverless.

  • Passenger Communication

    In a driverless vehicle, in particular, communication with the passengers on board is important if no driver is available for all sorts of questions. Project partner Commend International presented a prototype of its chat bot, which passengers can use to request information both on the bus and at stops. He answers questions about timetables such as “When do the next buses or trains leave from stop XYZ?”, “How do I get to XYZ?” or “How many stops are there to station XYZ?”

  • High Precision Positioning

    How do we ensure that a driverless vehicle drives reliably on the road and odes not stray from its route? Salzburg Research, together with project partner Kapsch rafficCom AG, presented a possibility for high-precision positioning. In the lead project Digibus® Austria, the transmission of correction data for high-precision GPS via ITS-G5 is tested. These correction data provided by the Roadside Units make centimetre-accurate positioning possible.

Following these demos, AustriaTech organized panel discussions and networking with Austrian research initiatives currently working on automated driving.

Photos: (c) Salzburg Research, BOKU Wien – Roman Klementschitz

Future Needs Creativity

Society and companies need creativity and new solutions. That’s why Salzburg Research organized a whole series of creativity-enhancing events: more

Digital Transformation: Research and Practice

This is how the digital transformation succeeds: state oft he art research and insights into the company’s practice at the 2nd DTZ symposium. more

Tourism in Salzburg: Ideas Wanted

According to the travel guide book publisher “Lonely Planet”, Salzburg is the best city to travel in 2020. Ideas are needed for the interaction between locals and guests! more

Smart Accessories for Attractive Bike Mobility

How can bicycle mobility become more attractive? Twenty-one students worked with experts from the European initiative “DOIT” to develop innovative, sustainable ideas using digital technologies. more

Swarm Intelligence Wanted: Open Innovation Salzburg

The new, open idea platform started with the tourism ideas competition “(er)lebenswertes Salzburg” (worth living/experiencing Salzburg). Participation is worthwhile, because the best ideas are rewarded! more

Running Competition of Six Salzburg Companies

The runners ran around the world once during the summer months. 15,700 euros went to Herzkinder Austria. more

The Self-Propelled Digibus® is Driving Without a Driver for the First Time

Austrian premiere: On September 19, 2019, the self-propelled Digibus® drove for the first time without an operator, only supervised by a supervisor in the control center. 16 volunteers participated in the scientific experiment of Salzburg Research. more

Survey: Maker(spaces) and Corporate Innovation Management

Invitation to participate in a scientific survey on the cooperation of makers (spaces) and corporate innovation management more

Test Persons Wanted: For the First Time, Digibus® Drives Completely Without a Driver

Austrian Premiere: On September 19, 2019, the self-propelled Digibus will for the first time really drive alone – be part of it! more

„Fit with ILSE“ to the Age

With “ILSE”, a technically supported movement program, moving properly is easy. After all, who until old age regularly moves, remains mobile and can prevent falls and some diseases. more

FEMtech Expert of the Month: Verena Venek

In order to make the achievements of women in research and technology visible, the BMVIT honors women from the FEMtech expert database. Verena Venek has now become the FEMtech Expert of the Month. more

Managing the Digital Transformation

Executive MBA program and short course to master the digital transformation. more

Smart Summer: Experiencing Technology

MINT promotion: Special holiday offer for young people to get to know technology and IT. more

5G: Groundbreaking Future Technology or Hype?

Expert roundtable with Peter Dorfinger, Head of Intelligent Communication Technologies at Salzburg Research, on the fifth mobile generation. more

Digibus® With New Technology On Board

New technologies aboard the automated Digibus® help with passenger communication and accurate postioning. more

The „Forsche(nde) Wadeln“-Team Runs for „Herzkinder“

Salzburg Research is part of the Salzburg Running Challenge this summer: against each other for a togetherness! more

SWAIG: The Heated Fascia Roll With Effect

Heated fascia roll as a result of small business collaboration and a lab. more

Best Poster Award: Multilingual Speech Control for ROS-Driven Robots

Dominik Hofer designed a multilingual speech control system for robots and received the Best Paper Award at the Austrian Robotics Workshop 2019. more

Digital Strategy Depends on the Conpany Goal

Virtual reality or a digital product – individual solutions more

The Digital Readiness Check

How far is your business digitized? Make the check and compare yours with other, similar companies! more

Status Quo and Future of Digital Mobility

The focus of the Digital Mobility Forum on May 16, 2019 was the topic of traffic information and management and automation. more

240 Students were Guests in the Science City

MINT:labs SCI: Experiencing tomorrow’s knowledge today – with this aim, the University of Salzburg and Salzburg invited research into their laboratories. more

A Smart Dome for All Situations

Intelligent, customizable greenhouse as a result of small business collaboration and a lab. more

Survey on (Bicycle) Mobility Behaviour

Support the Salzburg mobility culture – with only 15 minutes – and win awesome prizes! more

Numbers, Data, Facts: Intellecutal Capital Report

Current figures, data, facts from the past fiscal year in the Annual Report with Intellectual Capital Report 2018. more

10th IT Business Talk: No Security Without Business

For the 10th time, and Salzburg Research organized the joint IT Businesstalk, which was launched in 2005. This year’s event on 11.4.2019 was about safety – to be more precise, and Security AND Safety. Six speakers provided fascinating insights into various aspects of security – from unreal scenes à la Hollywood to quite real scenarios from the industrial and SME sector. more

This was the Citizen Debate on Automated Mobility in Salzburg

Almost 170 people discussed the potential of automated mobility on April 6, 2019 in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Pörtschach and Salzburg. more

Communication Solution for Flexible Production Systems

Innovative communication solution for future flexible production systems based on the TSN (Time-Sensitve Networking) standard. more

Industry meets Makers #IMMgoesWest

Industry meets Makers, an open innovation community building format, opens up new collaboration models between the top industry and the creative, young maker scene. more

Digital Sports: Potentials and Hurdles for the Sports Industry

New study: Potentials, opportunities and challenges for companies in the sports, leisure and wellness industry in the Alps. more

Winter Services are Looking for Dead Zones

With the support of Salzburg Research, the state of Salzburg is looking for blind spots in the mobile broadband service parallel to the winter services. more

International Citizen Dialogue on Automated Mobility

Driving without steering wheel? In the province of Salzburg already tested reality. What’s next with automated driving? Talk to us! At the International Citizen Dialogue on April 6, 2019 your opinion is in demand. more

Pilot Phase DOIT: Idea-rich Conclusion

The European initiative DOIT, led by Salzburg Research, aims to inspire children and young people between the ages of six and 16 to tackle social problems. The first several-week pilot phase of a learning offer in the afternoon care of the VS of the Franciscan nuns in Salzburg came to its due conclusion in January. more

Business Models for Innovation Projects

Serious Play: Input workshop on methods and tools for developing business models and supporting business model innovation. more

Whitepaper: The Digital Transformation of Maintenance

How can digitization be used in maintenance? Which procedures and considerations are important? What influence do digital twins, predictive maintenance and networked sensor systems have on the processes and teams in maintenance? Answers to these questions are available in the whitepaper “The Digital Transformation of Maintenance”. more

NIMBLE B2B platform

NIMBLE platform explained in one minute: more

HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED: Smart Ski Boot for an Improved Ski Experience

At CES 2019, Atomic presented a smart, digital ski concept developed jointly with the University of Salzburg and Salzburg Research. more

Annual Review and Christmas Action 2018

Salzburg Research can look back on a successful year in 2018 and donates again to the Anna-Bertha-Königsegg School for Christmas. more

Damit Sport Spaß macht: Smarte Sportprodukte

Sport should be fun – only then will it become an integral part of the lifestyle. The new COMET project Digital Motion is developing smart sports equipment. more

Youth as Social Entrepreneurs

A European research project helps to inspire young people for social innovation and to communicate entrepreneurial thinking, know-how and skills. more

Support With Digitization

Preserving the vision of digitization is not always easy, even for innovative companies. We offer neutral, vendor-independent know-how: more

Digitization Solutions for the Aging Society

AAL Practice Conference: Information from the practical operation of AAL solutions in more than 500 Austrian households. more

Salzburg Research at the ICT 2018

Salzburg Research will be involved with several projects at the ICT 2018, Europe’s key event for research and innovation in information and communication technology (ICT). more

DIY as a Source for Business Innovation

Success stories from the currently unfamiliar collaboration between companies and Makers. more

Haben Sie schon eine Datenstrategie?

Salzburg Research begleitete die Entwicklung einer Datenstrategie für die Sammlung und Nutzung anlagenbezogener Daten bei der Mayer & Co Beschläge GmbH. more

Digibus® in Lower Austria

The autonomous Digibus® for a familiarization visit in Wiener Neustadt. more

Hate on the Net – What to do Against Hate Speech and Mobbing Online?

Public discussion with experts on how to deal with the hate in the network. more

First MakerDay Saalfelden

Experimenting, tinkering, trying out: The first MakerDay in Saalfelden combined traditional crafts with future technologies. more

Opening: Digital Transfer Center

The Digital Transfer Center offers neutral expertise as support for local businesses. more

EU project supports manufacturing SMEs

Digitization is changing retail and communication platforms in manufacturing: IoT-capable B2B collaboration system for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Europe. more

MakerDay Saalfelden

Crafting, experimenting, trying out: The first MakerDay in Saalfelden combines traditional craftsmanship with future technologies. Interested persons of all ages are invited to dive into the world of (digital) technology: the offer ranges from getting to know and trying out analogue printing methods and getting started in the fields of programming, robotics, electronics and 3D printing to experimenting with various materials.

Digital and Analog Making

Making – just do it! In a playful way, we want to inspire you for MINT topics. At the MakerDay Saalfelden both future-oriented digital technologies and traditional crafts can be tried out. Children and adults are invited to program bananas and robots, design a vibrobot or spirograph, or experiment with 3D modelling, 3D building design, and 3D printing. Or build your own bridge construction, print posters with wood print or woodcut or experiment with concrete, metal and plastic.

At several locations in Saalfelden it says on 18 October 2018: Touching allowed! In the morning, workshops for school classes and making trainings for teachers are offered. In the afternoon, the doors are open for everyone: tinkerers, creative people, handicraft hobbyists and everybody, who is interested in DIY. Admission is free.

MakerDay Saalfelden
October 18, 2018
08:30 am – 12:30 pm: Workshops for school classes
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Open Workshops for all, free admission

Participation in the MakerDay Saalfelden is free of charge for all participants thanks to the financial support of the State of Salzburg. The organizer is the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft. Partners include HTL Saalfelden, DO!LAB, Buchbinderei Fuchs, Verein Spektrum, Kompass Mädchenberatung, KIZ/JUZ Treffpunkt Saalfelden with akzente, Salzburg Research with the EU-Project „DOIT – Entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world“ and many other cooperation partners.

Fit with ILSE: We Move 55+

Salzburg Research is currently developing “ILSE” together with its partners in the fir4AAL project – an innovative, technology-supported exercise program for home and on the move. more

61st Innovationspool: Development of Digital Strategies

Discussing success factors for the digital transformation and the implementation of a digital strategy in the company with experts – the participants were able to do so at the 61st Innovation Pool on September 12th. The event, organized by Salzburg Research, Hagleitner Hygiene International and Platform for Innovation, focused on the topic “Development of Digital Strategies”. more

Digitization Support for SMEs

The use of information technology in industry, trade and commerce has increased steadily over the past three decades. Nevertheless, the current digital transformation – often called “Industry 4.0” – is far more far-reaching than anything that has previously happened in the field of “digitization”. Businesses that do not join will be relegated. Salzburg Research and its partners help small and medium-sized companies in Bavaria and Salzburg to become sustainable with the right digitization strategy. more

Smart Summer: Technology & IT Holiday Weeks

Building robots, daring the first steps in programming, experimenting with a 3D printer and getting to know Salzburg’s most successful companies in the technology and IT sector: A very special summer holiday offer made this possible. more

Open Innovation Practice Day: Networking and Knowledge Transfer

Open innovation means an improvement for companies on many levels: more innovative, faster, more cost-effective. But how is the method successfully implemented? Over 80 registered participants had the opportunity to get to know the strategy on the basis of practical examples at the Open Innovation Practice Day. more

The Digibus as a Research Object

The path to automated driving is scientifically investigated. Transport Councilor Stefan Schnöll visiting a local inspection on the test track. more

Digital Support for the Perfect Sports Experience

No less than the perfect ski equipment and the perfect fit running shoe promises a new research project of Salzburg Research. The “Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness and Well-being” is funded by the federal government with a total of 11.7 million Euros through the COMET program for the next four years. Participating countries are Salzburg and Tyrol. more

Rating the Performance of Mobile Networks

What is the actual performance of mobile networks? Salzburg Research has developed a test system. more

DOIT: Youth as Social Entrepreneurs

The European research project DOIT under the direction of Salzburg Research aims to inspire children and young people between the ages of six and 16 to tackle social problems. more

New Lead Project Digibus® Austria

Automated driving in public transport: Self-reliance and driving safety of autonomous vehicles are to be further improved. more

Innovation Challenge 2018 – Submit until 3rd July 2018!

Submit innovation ideas until July 3, 2018 and win a LAB cooperation! more

Kick-Off for the Future Project SME 4.0

The Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft and its partners in the “SME 4.0” project want to make companies fit for the future with the right digitization strategy. The kick-off event for SME 4.0 took place on 17 May. more

Figures, Data, Facts: The New Annual Report 2017

The current annual report of Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft shows the 2017 financial year in figures, data and facts. more

Mayor Preuner at Salzburg Research: Is Salzburg really the traffic jam capital?

Mayor Harald Preuner visited the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft on May 14 at the Science City Itzling. more

Most Innovative Solution Award for Nimble Paper

A paper within the NIMBLE project has been awarded the Most Innovative Solution Award. more

Minister of Transport Pallauf at Salzburg Research

Minister of Transport Dr. Brigitta Pallauf convinced herself on the topics of real-time traffic data and self-driving minibus of the forward-looking research work of the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft. more

New Visitor Record at the Long Night of Research

More than twice as many visitors to the Salzburg Research location than at the previous Long Night of Research. more

Digitization in Mobility

Digitalisation in mobility: Claudia Schmidt, Member of the European Parliament, visits Salzburg Research. more

Long Night of Research (Lange Nacht der Forschung): Children’s Program + Public Transportat Ticket

On April 13, 2018, the motto is: Stay awake!! In cooperation with HTL Salzburg and 32 Young Engineers Austria, we have also prepared a lot for children: more

Long Night of Research 2018 (Lange Nacht der Forschung): Our Stations

On the 13th of April the time has come again: at the Long Night of Research, the largest national science event, researchers open their research rooms and laboratories to the general public. The following stations await you here. more

Mobiles Breitband zuhause testen

How powerful is your mobile broadband in your own home? A measuring system from Salzburg Research measures the performance. Rent for free. more

Digital Innovation: How SMEs Benefit from Maker Spaces and Research Labs

Salzburg Research and Happylab Salzburg hosted the workshop “Digital Innovation for Craft & Trade in Open Workshops and Research Labs” at the end of February. more

Maker Days 2018 – Day 2

After a successful start, the second edition of the Maker Days 2018 followed. Children and young people can let off steam here creatively under the motto “Analog meets Digital”. more

Start of Maker Days 2018 – Day 1

On Friday, the Maker Days went into the next round. Under the motto “Analog meets Digital”, children and young people can let off steam creatively here under the guidance of maker pros and recreational educators. more

Study results: Smart Assisted Living – Findings of AAL Research

How well do technologies support self-determined living? The result of the Salzburg test region “ZentrAAL” have now been published.


Workshop: Wireless Narrow Band Technologies

On February 8, Salzburg Research hosted a workshop on „Wireless Narrowband Communication in the Context of the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine Communication“. more

Wolfgang Kremser Rocks the Science Slam

Salzburg Research researcher Wolfgang Kremser triumphs at the Science Slam Salzburg. more

Looking for Pioneers for Real-Time Traffic Information

Financial subsidy from the state: subsidies for companies with a car pool of at least 20 vehicles. more

Salzburg Know-How for a Secure Internet of Things

Networked systems in the Internet of Things open up new opportunities for businesses. more

Feasibility Study: Textbooks as Open Educational Resources (OER)

Are the textbooks of the future freely accessible to all? A study on OER textbooks in Austria shows the opportunities and risks of changing the system. more

Good Deeds at Christmas: Our Christmas campaign 2017

Salzburg Research looks back on a successful year 2017 and donates again to the Anna-Bertha-Königsegg School for Christmas. more

Survey: AAL Vision 2025

Survey on the development of a vision for Active and Assisted Living (AAL)/age-appropriate assistance systems in Austria by 2025. more

Speeddating at BeSt Trade Fair

Two researchers of the Salzburg Research met the questions of pupils at the dialog event of the BeSt trade fair. more

Certification According to ISO 9001:2015

The management system of Salzburg Research has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2008. In November the change to the new standard took place. more

Salzburg Innovation Conference 2017

Small tips and tricks can trigger change and make the innovation process more efficient, cheaper and faster. An overview was given by the Salzburg Innovation Conference. more

Results: Technology for the 60+ Generation

Over 15 months, different AAL technologies were tested in Salzburg. The results and findings were presented at the 9th e-Health Day. more

Video: The Doppler effect

What is the Doppler effect? How does it work and why is he so important? A new video gives answers to the most important questions. more

Best Paper Award for Traffic Flow Determination System

A research team from Salzburg Research received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE ITSC 2017 in Japan. more

Forum invent: Patent and trademark protection made easy

The series of events on intellectual property and patents came to Salzburg for the first time. more

ICT Competence in the Science:City Itzling

Governor Wilfried Haslauer convinced himself of the current research work at the Science:City Itzling. more

Project Completion Report: Wireless Broadband Options in Rural Regions

A new project final report provides options for broadband expansion in the Province of Salzburg. more

Partnership for IT Research: University of Salzburg and Salzburg Research

Salzburg Research and the University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg sealed a future-oriented partnership for the Salzburg site. more

Newsletter 3|2017

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 3|2017″ is available for download. more

Self-Propelled Minibus at the E-Mobility Play Days

Experience the future of mobility live: Salzburg Research and ÖAMTC present the autonomous Digibus at the Spielberg-Ring: 29-30.09.2017 more

Governor Haslauer is testing the Digibus

Governor Wilfried Haslauer convinced himself personally of the research work around the self-employed minibus of the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft during the test ride in Koppl. more

Digitization in Salzburg

In Alpbach, Landeshauptmann Haslauer presented concentrated future competence in business, science and education. more

Next Test Ride with the Digibus

The Digibus is used again after a repair phase. Get in please! more

Industry 4.0: First result presentation

Last week, the results of the study “Digital Transformation through Industry 4.0 and New Business Models” were presented to the public for the first time. more

Industry 4.0: Recommendations for Action for Companies

Study: 68 Austrian companies provide insight into their digital strategy, challenges and success models. more

Smart Summer: The Technology and IT Holiday Fun

Three weeks, 90 young people and 15 companies – these are the ingredients for three exciting Technology and IT Holidays, the Smart Summer. more

3D Printing Shop in the Children’s Town

Salzburg Research was in the children’s town of Salzburg for a few days this year again. At the 3D printing shop in the Makerspace people were working, puzzling and doing handicrafts. more

Newsletter 2|2017

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 2|2017″ is available for download. more

How Secure are (Bicycle) Infrastructures?

Salzburg Research investigated various methods, bicycle safety and comfort in road traffic can be reliably and meaningfully recorded and assessed with. more

So Cool Can be Physics: Graffiti Action to the Doppler Year

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Doppler Effect, Salzburg Research organized a youth program with pupils from the Christian Doppler Gymnasium Salzburg and Prague. more

175 Years Doppler Effect

In 1842 the Salzburg physicist Christian Doppler published the Doppler Effect named after him for the first time. In the jubilee year 2017 a worthy digital monument emerges: more

9th IT-Businesstalk: Digital Technologies as the future of companies

The 9th IT-Businesstalk devoted to the furture topic “Business as usual? How platforms and blockchain change business models”. more

Test Austria’s First Self-Propelled Vehicle

Enjoy autonomous driving at first hand: The Digibus – Austria’s first self-propelled vehicle – on public roads rolls in Koppl. more

Best Paper Award for CARIMO-System

A research team from Salzburg Research received the Best Paper Award at the ICT4AWE in Portugal. more

9th IT-Businesstalk

Trends in platforms and new payment models: challenges, abstacles, opportunities and success strategies more

Day of the Open Science City

Visit us on May 12th, 2017 from 3 pm to 8 pm, get in touch with our researchers and try out new technology. more

This was the first Mini Maker Faire

The festival for creatives was a complete success. Around 800 people of all ages worked and tweaked on 29 April. The youngest exhibitor was 13 years old. more

The Digibus is in Koppl

The self-propelled minibus has become a real Salzburg citizen. He drives as the first autonomous vehicle on public roads. more

First Mini Maker Faire in Salzburg

Festival of (digital) creativity, innovation and inspiration on April 29, 2017. Everyone is welcome, free admission. more

Current workshop offers for schools

With the Maker Days for schools and a workshop on the month of knowledge, Salzburg Research will soon offer two opportunities for schools. more

Creative competition: Vibrations & waves for the Doppler effect

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the Doppler Effect, Salzburg Research calls for young people in Salzburg to enter the creative competition. more

Christian Doppler knowledge platform

175 years ago the Salzburg scientist, Christian Doppler, published a ground-breaking discovery: the Doppler effect. To this day, it is the basis for numerous fields of application and Nobel Prize. more

SMEs: Labs support technological innovation

New Interreg project Labs.4.SMEs promotes the collaboration of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with labs (fablabs, digital labs, etc.). more

2. Design Service Jam – from the idea to the prototype in 48 hours

From 17 to 19 February 2017 the Global Service Jam took place for the second time in Salzburg Citiy. more

Call for Makers: Erste Mini Maker Faire

We are looking for creative Makers for the first Mini Maker Faire Salzburg. more

Visit of State Secretary Muna Duzdar

On Friday, 17 February 2017, Secretary of State Muna Duzdar paid a visit to Salzburg Research. more

Women and men are differently ill

Salzburg Research is currently developing a gender-sensitive diabetes application. Project partner Alexandra Kautzky-Willer has now been named Scientologist of the Year. more

Not talking, but still communicating! Christmas Action 2016

Also in 2016, we donate learning and funding technology for the Anna Bertha Königsegg School for children with increased material requirements. more

Test series with self-propelled minibus in Salzburg before approval

Who will control our vehicles in the future? Great public interest in panel discussions. In 2017 the self-propelled minibus returns to Salzburg. more

Video: These were the Maker Days Vol.2

In November 2016, Salzburg Research, in cooperation with the city library Stadt:Bibliothek and Verein Spektrum organizes a sequel to the “Maker Days”. more

Christiane Pedit Receives Science Award

Christiane Pedit was awarded the Science Award of AK Salzburg in the category of Economics & Law on 29 November 2016. more

Maker Days Vol.2: Photography Workshop

A month full of tinkering, crafting and discoveries comes to an end. Last Friday the last of four afternoons of the Maker Days Vol.2 took place. more

Mindset for Innovation

Great public interest at the Praxisworkshop for IT support for radical innovations in companies. more

Maker Days for Kids: Award for Media Education Projects

The Maker Days for Kids were awarded the Dieter Baacke Prize 2016, a German-wide prize for outstanding media pedagogical projects. more

Maker Days Vol.2: Robot 101

Also on the third afternoon of the Maker Days Vol.2 there was a lot to discover. Around 40 children took up the topic of robots at the various stations.


Maker Days Vol.2: Music Workshop

Also the second afternoon of the Maker Days organized by Salzburg Research together with the association Spektrum at Stadt:Bibliothek was a complete success.


Visit of Chancellor Kern

Federal Chancellor Christian Kern convinced himself of the prospects for future research and promising research projects at Salzburg Research. more

ICT Support for Depression in Old Age

Report from the 8th e-Health Day: Using ICT technologies to identify early signs of depression in the elderly and assist older people with depressive episodes through personalized, age-appropriate interventions. more

Maker Days Vol.2: Digital Cookie Workshop

The second edition of the Maker Days, which is organized by Salzburg Research together with Verein Spektrum at the Stadt:Bibliothek, is successfully launched.


Spin-out wins innovation prize

Redlink GmbH, a Spin-out of Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft, wins the Innovation Challenge by Salzburg AG. more

Autonomic Minibus in Salzburg

Salzburg Research presented in the context of a maiden trip on 19 October 2016 the first self-propelled minibus on Austria’s roads.


update 3|2016

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 3|2016″ is available for download. more

Job opening: IT-Support (m/f) (15-20 h/week)

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams in der Abteilung Technik suchen wir ab sofort einen IT-Support (m/w) (15-20 Std./Woche)


Job opening: Internship (15-20 h/week)

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams in der Abteilung Communications (COM) suchen wir ab Oktober 2016 für max. 6 Monate eine/n Praktikant/In (15-20 Std./Woche)


Transnational integration of Renewable Energies

Recently launched EU project CALLIA will investigate how direct energy transfer between distribution grids in two different countries is able to foster the integration of Renewable Energies.  more

SummerITWeek for Boys and Girls

Programming, 3D printing, get a robot going and learn about IT professions – 25th-29th July 2016 more

Research – a crowd puller

The Long Night of Research attracted more than 7,000 visitors research institutions in Salzburg. Salzburg Research was regional coordinator and exhibitor. more

Intellectual Capital Report 2015

Salzburg Research publishes an intellectual capital statement annually. Numbers, data, facts, results and achievements from the 2015:


Job opening: Java Web Developer (m/w)

The research group Mobile and Web-based Information Systems (MOWI) is looking for a Java Web Developer (m/f). more

Awards at the eHealth Summit Austria

Salzburg Research won two Awards at the eHealth Summit Austria (June 18-19, 2015 in Vienna): more

Newsletter 2|2015

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 2|2015″ is available for download. more

15th Anniversary

Salzburg Research was celebrating it’s 15th anniversary on June 9th, 2015. A short report: more

Best Paper Award: Communication for Multinational Large Scale Disaster Operations

Best Paper Award for Salzburg Research researchers at the ICN 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. more

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award for Salzburg Research researchers at the ICDS 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. more

Newletter 1|2015

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 1|2015″ is available for download. more

Agents for the Industrial Internet

Salzburg Research develops a multi-agent system for secure, policy driven management of machines and manufacturing. more

Christmas Charity 2014

Like in the previous years, Salzburg Research supports the Anna Bertha Königsegg school for severely handicapped in Salzburg. more

Living sucessfully with diabetes

During the 6th e-Health Day Salzburg on November 5th, several experts gave insights into theory and practice concerning daily life with diabetes.


Everything connected in the Internet of Things

At the 7th IT Business Talk by and Salzburg Research, more than 100 participants threw a glimpse into the future of the Internet. more

Confidence nominated for the Futurezone Award

The EU research project was nominated as innovative Innovation in the Health Care for the Futurezone Award. Please vote for us! more

Newsletter 3|2014

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 2|2014″ is available for download. more

AAL Award 2014 goes to CONFIDENCE

The AAL Award recognizes the most promising project that demonstrates great promise in terms of innovation, human-centric approaches to development and market potential.  more

Handbook for Creative Cultural Heritage Cooperation Projects

The EU project CreativeCH emphasise creative communication of cultural heritage with ICT and new media. The handbook shows several best practice examples. more

Newsletter 2|2014

Salzburg Research reports quarterly on current research topics, projects, events and publications. The current newsletter “update 2|2014″ is available for download. more

Creative Cultural Heritage

The EU project “CreativeCH” tries to present cultural heritage creatively with new technologies. Free e-book as a source of inspiration: more

Geschäftsbericht 2013

Since 2003 Salzburg Research published annually an Intellectual Capital Report (in German). The Report ist available for download. more

Long Night of Research

Troughout Austria numerous research institutions open their doors to the general public on April 4th – including Salzburg Research. more

Second Screen – join in instead of just watching

Television has always been a social experience and yet Social TV is the big trend when it comes to the future of television. more

New Field of Research: Logistics Optimization

The new “Computational Logistics Lab” (CLL) offers research and development services for the transportation and logistics industry. more

Teenagers as Researchers

Since July 2011 several interns at Salzburg Research immerse themselves in the world of research.


Salzburg Research at the Children’s town

Salzburg Research inspired young researchers at the Children’s town “Mini-Salzburg”. more

Annual Report and Intellectual Capital Report

Salzburg Research presents its current annual intellectual capital report. more

The Future of Skiing

Salzburg Research designed trend-setting visions for a renowned ski manufacturer. more

Mobile Communities: New Study

Study on different aspects of mobile communities. Joint project of Salzburg Research with evolaris Next Level. more

KiWi version 1.0 lauched

After more than two and a half years of development version 1.0 of the semantic collaborative knowledge management software was published. more

Salzburg Research’s 10th Anniversary

Salzburg Research celebratet it’s 10th anniversary on October 22nd, 2010. more

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As an independent research institute, Salzburg Research offers know-how and sustainable solutions for complex challenges in the Internet of Things. We are a think tank for innovative companies from a wide range of industries and the public sector – internationally oriented and committed to the region. more


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