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Das Internet der Dinge kommt in Bewegung

Die 13. IoT-Talks am 06.02.2020 standen unter dem Motto "IoT in Motion" und zeigten ein breites Spektrum von Anwendungen aus dem Bereich der Spezialfahrzeuge, der industriellen Produktion, der Robotik und... » more
Digitalisierung Sport

Wearable Technologies in Sports: how to create enjoyable experience

Due to digitalisation, the sports industry is currently undergoing a transformational innovation. So-called wearable technologies, i.e., technologies that you wear near, on or even in your body, are the disruptors... » more

Easily managing transport graphs with “Graphium”

Efficiently managing Transport Graphs (TGs) is a crucial requirement of Transport-related Geographical Information Systems (GIS). A TG models a transport network as mathematical graph structure of vertices and edges. TGs... » more

Alpine Ski World Championship meets OpenStreetMap: Who are the Mapping Champions?

These days, every ski enthusiast keeps an eye on St. Moritz (Switzerland), the host of the Alpine World Ski Championship 2017. As ski and map enthusiast, one of my eyes... » more