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Wie sich Fahrgäste in fahrerlosen Shuttles sicher fühlen

Salzburg Research hat in einer Studie das Sicherheitsempfinden von Fahrgästen an Bord eines fahrerlosen Shuttles ohne Operator untersucht. Die Ergebnisse helfen sowohl in der Forschung wie auch bei der Produktentwicklung... » more

Easily managing transport graphs with “Graphium”

Efficiently managing Transport Graphs (TGs) is a crucial requirement of Transport-related Geographical Information Systems (GIS). A TG models a transport network as mathematical graph structure of vertices and edges. TGs... » more
GPS Track

A QGIS plugin to visualize GPX-data as line-segments between track points

The native GPS eXchange Format (GPX) file importer for the open-source geo-information software QGIS features multiple options to create vector layers. This includes the import of track points as a... » more
Cyclist with Leica’a GPS antenna attached to the backpack

One week with Leica’s brand new GG04 GPS antenna

Recording GPS on the go has never been easier than with the smartphone. However, while your phone’s GPS capabilities may be sufficient for finding the nearest beer garden, it leaves... » more

Alpine Ski World Championship meets OpenStreetMap: Who are the Mapping Champions?

These days, every ski enthusiast keeps an eye on St. Moritz (Switzerland), the host of the Alpine World Ski Championship 2017. As ski and map enthusiast, one of my eyes... » more

Geoserver – Rendering Binary Vector Tiles

Displaying maps on mobile devices is a common requirement. I expect a mobile map to be scalable, rotatable and always readable. The data that needs to be transferred for showing... » more

99,99% der Salzburgerinnen und Salzburger sind noch nicht als Verkehrssensoren unterwegs

Verkehr in Salzburg? Das bedeutet Stau, werden viele sagen. Oder Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkung. Einige der Salzburgerinnen und Salzburger werden mit „Verkehr in Salzburg“ auch etwas anderes verbinden, denn sie haben SIE schon... » more
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