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Smart Digital Twins

Smart Digital Twins

Smart Digital Twins: Intelligent Architectures

Connected vehicles, drones, robots – more and more devices and technologies are entering our lives: many of these processes require the digital tracking of things that move from A to B. To do this, we work together with our partners to develop intelligent, cyber-physical environments: federated internet platforms, software architectures and technology for digital twins that are in sync with their physical counterparts – safely and without misunderstandings.

Technologies & Methods:

  • Modeling, controlling and optimizing industrial processes with digital twins
  • Internet platform technologies for ecosystems along value chains
  • Design and development of scalable data streaming and analysis systems

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Success Storys

System-Related Data Strategy for Optimized Production and Maintenance Processes

Data strategy for the collection and use of system-related data with a focus on operating and maintenance processes: planning measures in advance, making better use of capacities, ensuring stable production processes.


Quick Wins and Future-Proof Innovations through a Digitization Strategy for the Operation and Maintenance of Technical Systems

Sustainable strategy for the digital transformation of the asset management, which also takes into account rapid technological innovations and further developments


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