Intelligent Communication Technologies

Intelligent Communication Technologies: Secure network access Networking counts: A reliable, secure network is the basis for digitalization and the Internet of Things. Ever larger amounts of data have to be transported faster, more securely and more cost-effectively - both in private and business life. We investigate the quality of networks and distributed systems, plan and develop reliable IP networks as well as their monitoring and management. Technologies and methods:

  • Software-defined networking & virtualization of network functions
  • Modeling, measuring and monitoring of complex communication systems
  • Artificial intelligence for communication networks

Data-driven Innovation

Data-driven Innovation: Your accompaniment to digital innovation Data-driven innovations change the economy and society. They contribute to solving problems, increasing efficiency and developing new products and services. The Internet of Things, low-cost sensor technology and the generation of "digital natives" are important drivers. Using sustainable approaches to innovation management, we examine and analyse operational success factors, added value and strategies for IoT-based innovations. We support companies in the selection, design and evaluation of business and operating models and open innovation spaces. Technologies and methods:

  • Interdisciplinary Innovation Science and Innovation Management Methods
  • Data-based service innovations
  • Network/platform-based business and operating models

Motion Data Analytics

Motion Data Analytics: Added value through intelligent analysis of transaction data People and things are in motion. Understanding which movement takes place where and how is a central prerequisite for innovations in personal and goods mobility as well as in the development of sports and fitness products. We analyse large amounts of movement data generated by a wide variety of sensors. We use complex algorithms to evaluate data quality, identify movement patterns and thus obtain detailed information, e.g. on traffic flows or the correct performance of fitness exercises. Technologies & Methods: Technologies for high-resolution motion data acquisition Complex methods for offline and real-time motion data analysis based on scalable data platforms Interactive, web-based visualization of movement patterns (dashboards)

Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms: Turntables for networked business processes Networked vehicles, drones, robots, material flows, food transports and certificates of origin: Many processes require the analog and digital tracking of things that need to get from A to B. Based on successful platform projects in European research programs for the digitization of European industry, we develop technology for digital twins that are synchronized with their physical counterparts - securely and without misunderstandings. Technologies & Methods:

  • Tracking Technologies
  • Business Platforms
  • Asset Management