ANC: Advanced Networking Center

As a global network infrastructure, the Internet offers a vast innovation potential for new and emerging fields of applications, such as building automation systems, intelligent traffic optimisation and process engineering. The Advanced Networking Center offers industry-driven, applied research services with a focus on the planning, development and supervision of reliable networks, particularly stable IP networks (Internet protocol networks). Technologies & methods: Reliable Internet and network technologies | Performance evaluation and monitoring of complex communication systems | 5G and other wireless networks | Data transmission security | Messaging Middleware | Software-defined networking | Network function virtualisation | Co-Simulation

iLab: InnovationLab

The InnovationLab supports companies and organisations in the digital transformation by means of innovation studies and scientifically tested, effectiv methods and tools. Focus lies in the uncertain and risky early phase of innovation management (ideation, prototyping and early market entry). We systematically observe external drivers of innovation, identify real customer- needs and innovation potentials or analyse innovation strategies. We search for best practices and evaluate concepts for product, service and process innovations With you and the “crowd” we explore, how you can thereby exploit new digital technologies and competences. Technologies & methods: Innovation foresight, roadmapping & scenario building | Open innovation methods, tools & processes | (Digital) Design thinking and self-organised learning methods | Business model innovation methods | Online-surveys, case studies and trend analyses | Benchmarking and policy evaluation

MOWI: Mobile and Web-based Information Systems

Geoweb and localization technologies are an increasingly common in our daily life: whether in the form of navigation systems, efficient planning tools or by map-based applications on the Internet. The research group Mobile and Web-based Information Systems (MOWI) designs, and implements location-based services on the web and on smartphones and is working on innovative solutions for the analysis and visualization of (real-time) location data. Technologies and methods: Real time localisation | Interactive geoweb applications | Location-based web and mobile services | Spatiotemporal analyses of motion data

IOT: Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things” will have a huge impact on our work and living spheres. The IOT Research Group investigates how knowledge-based systems, data management, sensor devices and Internet technologies can be combined to create product and service innovations. The aim is always “virtualisation”, i.e. the merging of the physical with the virtual world. Creating and making use of, appropriate technology stacks will be a core competence in advanced engineering, manufacturing, and any form of product and service design. Technologies & methods: Cyber-physical product design | Digital Twin – semantic product life cycle management | Maintenance 4.0 | Data security and privacy | Digitalisation and data strategies