Dr. Sebastian Schaffert

Position: Forschung & Entwicklung
Bereich: Kompetenzzentrum Salzburg NewMediaLab, Wissenstechnologien - KMT
Telefon: +43/662/2288-423

Projektkoordination bei folgenden Projekten


Sebastian Schaffert is currently head of the knowledge and media technologies group (KMT) at Salzburg Research with about 18 members, and is working there as senior researcher and project manager as of August 2005.
Since 2006, he is also Scientific Director of Salzburg NewMediaLab (SNML), the Austrian industry competence centre on New Media hosted by Salzburg Research. SNML is carrying out industrial research in the areas of Social Software, Semantic Systems, and Multimedia Content Management.
From 2001-2005, Sebastian was a research and teaching assistant at the Institute for Informatics, University of Munich, Germany. He received his PhD from the University of Munich in 2004 with a dissertation entitled “Xcerpt: a rule-based query and transformation language for the Web”.

Sebastian Schaffert is engaged in research on the Social Media, the Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation, and Multimedia Information Systems. His particular interest is currently in the combination of Social Media with Semantic Web technologies. Starting 2008, he is coordinator and lead technical architect of the FP7 Research Project “KIWI – Knowledge in a Wiki”, which is concerned with knowledge management in Semantic Wikis and thus brings considerable scientific and technical expertise into the project. He also has been/is involved – among others – in the FP6 NoE REWERSE (Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics), the FP6 STREP METOKIS, and the FP7 IP IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack). In the above-mentioned areas, he has numerous publications and is member of many programme committees in international journals, conferences, and workshops. Sebastian Schaffert was among other things also the initiator and co-programme chair of the Semantic Wiki Workshop Series (2006-2010, co-located with European Semantic Web Conference) and of the Semantics conference series (2006 in Vienna, 2007 and 2008 in Graz), which is concerned about the “Social Semantic Web” and industry relevant research on Semantic Systems.

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